Warm Again

So much going on right now it’s hard to keep up. I haven’t really blogged much because I’m enjoying the constant interaction with everybody on Twitter more now. It’s less of a one-sided statement now and more of a conversation. I feel like I should update everyone from time to time though so here’s the scoop...

We’re gearing up to record an album that will basically be our first true album. We wrote it together and we’re going to a really nice studio with an amazing producer for a full month to make it perfect for you. I don’t want to get too long winded so I’ll just say that the album is still emotional, it just recognizes more than two emotions now. The world of Rich People has gotten very colorful and expanded greatly and this whole process has really just revolutionized my personal life and made me excited to create a new album that is a full cinematic experience in sound. We’ve been working CONSTANTLY on everything because there’s a lot of completely new elements with keys and strings and other random world instruments. We don’t want to just be another rock band and we never really did it was just comfortable writing a certain type of song because it was all we ever knew how to do. We believe we did it well though and now it’s time to grow. So expect something totally new from us this summer.

There’s also a tour coming up this year that will be announced in a few months that will be huge for us. A couple friends know what I’m talking about and you know how monumental this is for us. We’ll keep the lid on that for now though because I don’t want to tease anybody, but you can expect us to see the entire US for our first time sometime later in the year.

Finally let’s talk about right now. Right now we have four shows coming up(plus a random last minute acoustic solo set near my apartment in West Philly on Thursday with Absinthe Father). These shows are huge because it’s the last time we will see everyone in our hometown for a Rich People show for a while. We won’t be around through Spring and Summer so this is it. We still gotta sell a bunch of merch to finish paying for recording, but we appreciate everyone who has already been supporting us with buying merch and stuff. It’s the only thing that pays for us to sustain this right now. We hardly make ends meet, but they do meet at the end of the day and that’s all thanks to you. So this is mostly just a thank you and also if you ordered merch in the past year you can expect some mail sometime soon from yours truly. Hopefully none of your mailing addresses have changed!